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I am not normally a girl who is fashion obsessed. I am a sneakers and jeans, over sized sweatshirt wearing faux pas. It’s not that I don’t like to get dressed up and look pretty.  I’m convinced no one is looking anyway, so why not enjoy the comfort of my red Cons and Moose Lodge sweatshirt while sipping my Blue Moon? It’s like a tragic Taylor Swift song.

Despite my fashion aversion, I have fallen in love with this jacket.

Okay, ignore the person wearing it and focus on the jacket.  Great, right?

I’ve been scouring the Internet for months now trying to find it.  I even emailed the Deschanel Style blog to help.  (I’m the April 30th, 2010 post). To my dismay, I have come to the conclusion that it’s vintage or worth several of my paychecks.

Determined to find my perfect jacket, I have uncovered several alternatives I will share with you now.

Ann Taylor’s Grey Tweed Jacket with Ruffle Collar is my favorite, but naturally sold out.  If you find this somewhere in a size 12, notify me and I will be your best friend for life. I’d post a pic, but Java is not cooperating.  You’ll have to do the hard work and click the link yourself.

Rounding out third is the City DKNY Solid 3/4 Sleeves Ruffles Jacket.  At a little over $50, it’s not a bad alternative.

Black DKNY Ruffle Jacket

On the higher end of my budget, there is the DVF Form Fitting Cropped Jacket.

As a well endowed girl, the idea of a cropped jacket is a little frightening.  Nevertheless, you can’t nay say if you don’t try it on.

With these options, I am encouraged by all the models pairing their jackets with jeans.  I have purchased the DKNY and hope to shock my friends by replacing my standard hoodie at our next bar outing.  Do you think I can still wear my red Cons?


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