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Bra Shopping

Dear Bra Manufacturers: Just because God gave me a DD cup size doesn’t mean I have only a 40 or above sized ribcage.

I went to Target in search of bras.  It is rare for me to find my correct size, 32DD, so I tend to wear them beyond recognition.  Back when I pretended to have cash, I would typically hit up a department store.  These days, I am attempting to be good with my money, so I ventured to the local Target.

Shopping for bras at a department store was always a chore.  I would gear myself up and think Macy’s or Lord & Taylor would have a much better variety, because they are bigger.  Maybe I can find something cute with a little pink bow!  After an hour of ripping through the racks, I would spend $150 on the only three bras that came in my size: Three lace granny-style corsets that only come in the colors white, beige, and black.

After just spending my life’s savings on a trip to St. Maarten (in May!), my bank account lacks the funds to spend on expensive granny bras.  Hence, I headed to the land of reasonably priced middle class goods.  It only took twenty minutes to go through the limited selection and find nothing was anywhere close to my size.   The few DD cups they had were 40 or above.  Maybe I’m a popular size?  I was corrected by the store’s signage.  The one brand that made cup sizes over D started at ribcage 38.  Once again, I dropped my ducats on three lace granny-style corsets that only come in the colors white, beige, and black.  Except this time, I only spent $30.

Future purchase: Bathing Suit


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